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One of Ottawa's most popular and informative blogs written by Ken Gary formerly of the Ottawa Citizen writes: Take Arshinoff in Ward 9

Mayoral Candidate Craig MacAulay

"Warren has a reasoned and nuanced outlook for both the City of Ottawa and his Ward of Knoxdale-Merivale, His platform may not be flashy but shows the thought and foresight to deliver on the needs of his Ward. The obvious choice for the voters in Knoxdale-Merivale." 

Ready to Vote Warren

About Warren

Lifelong Resident of Nepean

Warren has lived in Nepean for more than 30 years attending Sir Robert Borden HS & the University of Ottawa. He has been involved in a number of sports associations and numerous charitable and community groups. 

Experience Representing Knoxdale-Merivale

Having represented the Ward on the Ottawa Youth Cabinet, working closely with Bob Chiarelli, Lisa MacLeod and Gord Hunter, I learned about the needs of our community and the ways to best serve the residents of our community. 

Working for You!

With experience at City Hall a degree in Public Administration and years working with businesses and community groups, I have the diverse background to represent the needs of our entire community. 

Issues that matter to voters

Traffic is Too Fast

Each and every community has unique issues but all of them have said traffic is too fast. Speeding traffic is a danger to the safety and enjoyment of our communities and it must be addressed by more then digital signs and centre of the road barriers.

Emergency Management Improvements

No emergency shelters and a lack of communication were just some of the numerous complaints I've heard since the Tornado. We need to do better to inform, work with and support the residents of our Ward through this disaster and going forward with improved preparedness. 

Stop the LRT Expansion

OC Transpo has continuously let people down in our community. Routes are more sporadic, service is becoming less reliable and driver's are being terminated. We must fix the current system, the escalating costs and more before a $3 Billion dollar expansion of a system which is untested and 6 months late is considered. 

Weekly Summer Garbage Pickup

After decades of weekly garbage pickup budgetary mismanagement has forced the City to cut back garbage pickup to bi-weekly. Summer brings warm temperatures, tourists and festivals to our community. It also brings the smell from garbage; At an estimated $10 Million cost out of a $3.4 Billion dollar budget don't we all deserve it? 

Green Renewal Program

Arlington Woods, Craig Henry and many other communities had beautiful trees throughout the neighbourhood. Many were heavily damaged or destroyed by the Tornado. I will establish a program to plant and grow new and mature trees to replace those lost and assist in the beautification of the affected areas. 

Supporting the PineGlen Community

PineGlen residents pay the same levels of property taxes as the rest of the City of Ottawa and receive far fewer services. They deserve better and I will ensure they get the access to Water they deserve. 

We Want To Hear From You

Growing Our Community

All Politics is local politics. How can we work to make Knodale-Merivale and the City of Ottawa a better place to live, work and visit.

Get Involved

There is plenty of work to do to get out my message to the residents of Knoxdale-Merivale and I need your help to do it. Email info@votewarren.ca

What's Going on in Knoxdale-Merivale

I want to visit as many residents and businesses as possible. Please let us know about your BBQ's, fair's, movie nights and anything else going.

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Your support and contributions will allow Warren the opportunity to reach each and every voter in Knoxdale-Merivale. 

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